So how does this work?

My Profile

Let’s start with you! Start by making a Profile. Choose your best picture. Pick a Name, enter your Email and Password. Simply select “My Profile” and then the “Profile” section under “Your info”.

You can choose to be notified whenever a task or note are created in one of your Projects. Maybe a Comment wspas left by someone? We got you covered. Someone assigned you to a Project? You’ll be notified immediately – if you want to. Simply go to “My Profile” and then to the “Notify Me” section under “Your info” and select what works best for you!

Plug your social media, be it a personal website, LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook.

You will always know how many Projects you are currently working on and how many teammates you are operating with. All of this can be seen in “My Profile” under the “Social” section of “Your info.

Also, from here you will be able to keep track of your Payments. The “Payments” option can be found right under the “My Profile” option.

All set up? Great. Now let’s get down to business.

The Koledari platform is neatly split into two main sections: the Team dashboard and the Projects section.

1 Team

Once you’ve created your account and opted for one of our three subscription options, from your Team dashboard, you will be able to assemble and organize your fellow colleges as an Admin, before venturing into your next big project.

Simply add new Users by entering their Username and Email from the admin panel. Each new User will be visible under the USERS list from your Team dashboard. Don’t worry, you can totally change the Username and Email of each individual User you’ve added to you team.

2 Projects

Our Projects section is divided into: All Projects, where you can have a quick glance at all of the Projects you are working on and into options to Create a project and Assign a project to a user.

2.1 All projects

All Projects section allows you to have a birds-eye view of all of your ongoing Projects all in one place. Here you will find all of the Projects you started. Simply click on the one you want to check up on!

Each Project you open provides you with general as well as valuable feedback. You can think of each Project as divided into two subdivisions: the info panel where you can see the name of your Project, Users that are working on that Project, any Link(s) associated with the Project, as well as valuable Notes that anybody working there has left!

Bellow the info panel you will find the Calendar, along side options to create as well as edit Taks, Notes and the Project itself.

2.1.1 Tasks

To create a Task, simply click on “Create Task” on the particular dashboard of a Project you want a task done for, add a caption if necessary, set the date, upload any media such as videos or images and you’re good to go!

Each new Task will appear on the Calendar. From there it can be selected, further Edited, Deleted, Approved, Revised or Disapproved. Weather you are an Admin or a User, anybody from your team can add messages, insert media and attach files within tasks.

To go back to the Project dashboard, simply click on “Calendar View”.

2.1.2 Notes

Same goes for creating Notes. Simply click on “Create Note” on the particular dashboard of a Project you want to write a Note for.

2.1.3 Editing and Deleting a Project

Editing the Project allows you to change the name, logo and any link(s) accosted with the Project in question. Look for the “Edit Project” option.

You can always delete your Project once you’re done with it. That’s what “Delete Project” is for.

2.2 Create a project

Create a project allows you to start your journey as a project admin. Name your Project, maybe add a link? Any Notes you want everybody to see? Maybe an image? Once you’re sure you got everything you need, simply click on the “Submit” button and you can begin!

Whenever you want to start a new Project, all of your already ongoing Projects will be listed above, and you can easily Edit or Delete them from there.

2.3 Assign a project to a user

Assign a project to a user enables you to easily add Users to any ongoing Project you’ve got cooking up! Simply select a Project you want another colleague to join and select them as the User. “Submit” and they will be in on the loop.

Whenever you want to assign a Project to a User, bellow you will find a tables that allow you to quickly remove any User from an already ongoing Project.