What is Koledari?

Life is about creating and living experiences that are worth sharing.” – Steve Jobs

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Our story began 6 years ago as a digital marketing agency “Neparno10”. Members of our team had already had many years of experience in various areas of internet marketing working with clients in Serbia and abroad.

Our team leader is Mr Aleksandar Ratković, an SEO specialist whose expertise helped many companies get more traffic from search engines and is widely recognised by our clients.

As we deal with Internet consulting, WEB development, SEO services and Social media management, over the years, we have developed a specific tool that helped us stay more connected and organized. The first version of Koledari was created for our Social media team. And it was obvious from the beginning that Koledari makes any task much simpler and more efficient to perform. Making it such a powerful instrument we decided to share it with you.


Poor organization - poor optimization

If you lead a social media management team, you know that there can be a communication breakdown and often you have a poor track of your tasks and goals’ progress. Some team members work more than they should, and some lag behind. Sending messages on different communication platforms, poorly organized collaborative tools that often lack covering all the segments of work that your team needs to be efficient, often lead to frustration and reduced efficiency.

Time for change

To avoid loss of motivation and poor communication we designed a tool that helped our team to have all parts of the project in one place so we can enjoy the work and look forward to success after completing the task. Quality, fast and clear communication among team members is essential in the field of digital marketing.

Our results and satisfied clients have shown that what we do is good, and we wanted to share that secrete of our success with you. Koledari is the tool we made to make our project better and easily done, and we proudly recommend it to anyone who wants their team to overcome all difficulties and easily reach their goals.

Koledari is the perfect tool for:

  • A social media agency team
  • The in-house social media team
  • SM agency feedback

Koledari will provide you:

  • a unique space for developing and improving projects
  • track of comments and feedback for different tasks
  • interaction with the team and easily traced approval for publishing tasks
  • communication with clients and their approval of your design

So don't waste your valuable time and try some of the monthly or yearly plan offered by the Koledari and be on the winning team!